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The team at Battle Rap Stats have listened to the community and responded with the first comprehensive battle rap scoring (judging) and ranking system.  The Battle Analytics Ranking System™ (BARS™) provides the battle rap community with a non-biased – transparent method to rate an emcee’s performance over the course of a year (season). In-turn, quantifying that data then ranking emcees equitably among their peers using a set of unified/agreed upon criteria.  The goal?  Determine who’s #1 – no debating!  Okay, well maybe a little debating …


The battle takes place and is viewed worldwide via YouTube.

Watch Battle!

Once the battle is watched, take a moment to develop your perspective/opinion

Score the Battle

Score the battle using RETINA (More about RETINA below)


Scores are collected, penalties assessed then compiled to produce a comprehensive score by round and overall


Scores are compiled and put into the BARS algorithm to determine who's #1


How do you see an emcee battle?  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The Rap Evaluation Tool for Interrelated Nuanced Attributes (RETINA) is used to assist with scoring a battle. RETINA balances the trinity of battle rap components: Content (45%), Performance (35%), and It‐Factor (20%).


Breaking down the components of a battle with RETINA gives the viewer a comprehensive perspective of the art form.  Sub categories are rated on a 0-10 point scale (0.5 increments) with 5-being average.  In short (0=Trash / 10=Legendary)

Content (45%)

Originality:  Did the emcee present fresh material or unique approach? Was the material recycled from other angles on the opponent?

Creativity:  Did the emcee display a skilled vernacular that were clever/witty and comprehendible at the point of delivery?

Relevance:  Were the bars specific to the opponent or current in nature and timing?

Performance (35%)

Delivery:  Did the emcee clearly project their words to the audience and maintain their energy without becoming monotone?  Can the emcee take advantage of the allotted time while strategically capitalizing on crowd reaction and interaction?  And last, but not least … did it rhyme?  “When it’s real it ain’t gotta rap” can only work for so long …

Directness:  Did the emcee face their opponent and maintain eye contact?

Crowd Control:  Was the emcee able to establish a tone, mood, or atmosphere in the venue that engaged the audience and sparked interaction that led to a desired outcome?

It-Factor (20%)

Stage Presence:  Did the emcee show a command of the stage/venue that demanded the audience keep a watchful eye and ear out for what was next to come?

Confidence:  Did the emcee appear sure of themselves in both skill and style during their presentation?  Also, did the emcee portray a level of believability via their reputation both inside and outside of the ring?

X-Factor:  Does the emcee have an intangible element that draws you in?  You simply just like their style …


Once the results are in BARS compiles five (5) primary and (11) supplementary values over the year (season) and provides an emcee’s performance rating.  The maximum performance rating is 400 points

Performance Points (300 pts)

Comprised of the average weighted value the performances given during the year (season).  Bonuses and penalties for home and away battles along with gassed and non gassed material are accounted for.

Culture Points (48 pts)

Comprised of the timing (when the battle occurred), size of the room or stage/event value, the number of rounds, the league/platform, and the relative “give a @#%! factor!” (who cared about the battle)

Win/Loss Record Points (32 pts)

The sum of the emcees win/loss record over the course of the year (season)

Competition Points (10 pts)

Comprised of the level of competition faced along with the representative value of the average of the performances given during against the respective emcees faced

Consistency Points (10 pts)

Includes the quality/level of competition along with the number of battles the emcee has participated (competed) over the course of the year (season)

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